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The "We hate Paul Falsone Homepage: A "HOMICIDE:Life on the Street" Appendix

At the end of season 5, Jon Seda joined the "HOMICIDE:Life on the Street" ensemble cast as Detective Paul Falsone.

"HOMICIDE", never a ratings MONSTER, but always a CRITICAL success -- gets beaten ratings-wise by other more traditional cop shows like NYPD Blue. Even LAME-O cop shows like NASH BRIDGES ( it's direct competition ) slam H:LotS so often it's almost sickening. Never underestimate the North American's taste for the mediocre I guess.

Feeling a need to do something, NBC ( in my humble opinion )decided that the thing to make H:LotS a "better show", was to make it a lot more like other shows that did better in terms of ratings ( never mind whether or not they were better shows in term of quality ). One of those "improvements" was the addition of the character Det. Paul Falsone. Falsone is a more traditional "cliche" cop character -- a la "NYPD Blue", which is not a bash against that show, which does what it does well, but it just isn't H:LotS. The character is also more plot driven and one-dimensional, as opposed to "Homicide"'s usual character-driven bent and is a "Teen Beat Poster Boy" in a show where the cast members are almost proudly ugly. Put simply he doesn't fit, and his addition to the cast has resulted in the show itself to slowly unravel in terms of quality and entertainment value.

NBC must've said "It's about RATINGS, who cares about characters, it's a TV show !!"

So, NBC cast young Jon Seda, in the role of Detective Paul Falsone, and rammed him quickly into the role.

There are many reasons why people DO NOT like this character ( and one only needs to glimpse at to see a few of them ), but the main reason is that, he's a cliche character in a non-cliche show. "HOMICIDE:Life On The Street" is without a doubt, one of the best shows on TV - in all ways, from acting and writing to production. Falsone just doesn't fit with the show, and his character, should be gotten rid of, before he drags the show down to cliche that he is, in the hopes of boosting ratings, at the expense of ruining a show that we love.

Put simply, to us LOYAL "Homicide:Life On The Street" viewers, Det. Paul Falsone is to "Homicide" what Brenda was to "90210" fans, someone that we despise on the show.

Images on this page, are borrowed from the fine "HOMICIDE" page on NBC's homepage at, you should check it out.

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Stolen from ( and forwarded by "Friend of the Hate-page for LIFE" Dave Locke ) is the:

The Top 10 Uses for a Dead Detective Paul Falsone

10. Lay him on his stomach, pull his pants down, and use him as a bicycle rack

9. Star of future WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S movies

8. Strap him into the passenger seat of your car to use the HOV lane

7. Tapeworm ranch

6. Seven-eighths-scale Erik Estrada doll

5. Scheiner's teaching cadaver

4. Auxiliary grease pencil for "The Board"

3. Yardstick for "you must be this tall" kiddie rides

2. Auxiliary anchor for Kellerman's boat

and the Number 1 Use for a Dead Detective Paul Falsone...

1. Vice-President in charge of Programming at NBC

Thanks go out to all the's who voted !!

Even more horrific, I swear!!!!

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